Category: European Union

The European Union is covered in an LLB law degree as a core module. Focus is commonly on the outcome of Brexit, as well as common legal challenges and the method it was achieved. This includes the controversies surrounding article 50.

The module also investigates numerous other areas of European law, both Union and Council of Europe. This can include areas such as the European Court of Human Rights and the Human Rights Charters such as the articles that guarantee freedom from torture and the right to religious freedoms.

The module also investigates European Union law surrounding international trade and trade between member states such as France and Germany.

This topic also investigates the structure of the organisation itself, including that of the European Parliament and other institutions such as the European Committee. This is commonly referred to as the European institutional triangle.

European legislation that binds member states and limits their sovereignty in certain areas of the law stems from agreements known as treaties. Famous treaties include the treaty of Lisbon. Legislation and conventions make up the legal decisions within the EU and apply to citizens via the European Court of Justice, also known as the ECJ.

Issues surrounding the European Union include the growing power and control stemming from legislative increases, the curbing of member state parliamentary sovereignty, and the misuse of competition law. There are numerous checks and guards in place within the EU structure which will be explored.

Several countries operate alongside the EU and are afforded certain benefits for preferring the EU and its member states as trade partners. These are members of the EEA and EFTA.